Episode 25_

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Dr. Ryan DeBell is founder of The Movement Fix.

He’s been doing CrossFit for 9 years. When he opened his clinic, Dr. DeBell began traveling around to CrossFit gyms with a little two-hour presentation to help lifters. After he published a watershed post, “The Best-Kept Secret: Why People Have to Squat Differently,” he was invited to bring his paid seminar to over 20 boxes. That was two years ago; he’s already booked for 30 weekends in 2016.

This podcast presents a fresh perspective on some prevalent dogma in our community. You’ll see topics like “butt wink”, the “perfect” squat and foam rolling in a new light!

4:15 – “Can you have too much mobility?”

6:10 – Two types of stability

11:45 – Different methods of abdominal bracing, from wall balls to heavy cleans

15:10 – Learning and “muscle memory”

17:00 – Why your squat doesn’t look like mine

18:30 – The Real Purpose of the “Butt Wink” (link to blog post)

25:20 – “Are the ones we see on TV just the ones who didn’t get hurt?”

26:00 – Dr. DeBell’s personal warmup process

28:50 – How your body adapts to foam-rolling

34:30 – The REAL definition of “muscle tone”

43:00 – How can we test people at intake? What’s best?

48:00 – The scope of practice for coaches

50:00 – What’s covered in “The Movement Fix” seminar

Dr. DeBell’s podcast is excellent. You’ll find it here.

In “Critical Questions”, I turn the tables and suggest the NUMBER ONE QUESTION you should be asking your clients, your staff–and yourself.

Recorded on April 12, 2016.

Dr. Debell travels a lot. There’s a good chance he’ll be in your area soon:  themovementfix.com/workshops
Here is a link to a 2-hour recorded workshop: