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The Polar Club App.

The Advanced Theory Course at TwoBrainBusiness.com.

See a sample of the Advanced Theory Course intro at Catalyst (one of my gyms.)

Sample Coach Evaluation Form from TwoBrainBusiness.com.Using Heart Rate Variability to Manage Training Load and Fatigue.

Interpreting HRV Trends in Athletes: High Isn’t Always Good and Low Isn’t Always Bad

Orange Theory’s Average Franchisee Revenue in 2013 was $759,017. They’re looking at one small slice of the fitness picture. CrossFit gyms should be reaching double that number, minimum. Opening an Orange Theory requires a net worth of $500,000, liquid assets of $150,000, a $39,500 franchise fee and an 8% annual royalty/ad fee.

Opening a CrossFit gym requires less than a monthly car payment, with no contract or financial “net worth” requirements WHATSOEVER. This means it’s very easy to open a CrossFit gym…but harder to keep it open. Luckily, there’s RampUp.

And seminars!

Recorded on March 18, 2016.