Client Spotlight: Noémie Perrier and Dylan Taccoz


Noémie Perrier and Dylan Taccoz met in a CrossFit gym. It changed their lives for the better, so they decided to open their own gym to give others “a chance to receive what CrossFit brought to us: joy, positivity, success, change, friends,” said Noémie.

Working around their nine-to-five jobs, they built up CrossFit HAWO. But the pair were new to gym ownership.

“We signed up for Two-Brain’s newsletter. Email after email, Chris Cooper was bringing questions to the table that we were asking ourselves no less than 10 minutes ago! At one point, we were sure he had a camera and microphone in our gym.”

She continued: “We couldn’t afford it, but we decided to not wait any longer and invested in mentorship.”

Their mentor, Per Mattsson, didn’t give them a one-size-fits-all solution. He changed their perspective while giving them the tools to move forward. They streamlined systems, developed standard operating procedures and increased rates, which was huge for supporting staff development. 

“We hired new coaches and now have more time to work on added-value tasks while being able to pay our staff,” Noémie said. 

During lockdown in Switzerland, it would have been “easy to succumb to the temptation of big deals and rates reductions in order to gain new members,” Noémie said. “But we trusted our mentor, raised our rates, and we went all in. It saved us from so many future problems.”

The results: “Our ARM is now twice as big as it was in January. Our revenue is growing as well. We had our two biggest months so far in May/June, and we are signing new high-value memberships each week,” Noémie said.

Beyond financial success, Noémie said she and Dylan are growing as entrepreneurs.

“Our leadership is more transparent now. We include staff in our management journey. Our team is more involved than ever, working hard, sharing and supporting our vision and making long-term plans with us.”

After working with Two-Brain, Noémie was able to quit her day job. 

“Client value is improving, our team is growing, and we are paying ourselves for the first time ever this month,” she beamed. “There’s still a lot to improve, but we know it’s possible, and we know we have the best tools and advisors to reach our goals.”


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