Karen Hazelton

Karen turned around a struggling gym that now has a 27 percent profit margin and an average revenue per member of $300. With a strong, stable business, she’s dedicated to helping other gym owners find the same or greater success.

Karen Hazelton and husband Shaun run Telos Strength and Conditioning, located in Tucson, Arizona.

In 2017, Shaun bought out a partner, and he and Karen set to fixing a broken business that was $50,000 in debt and devoid of systems or a plan for the future. Karen heard about Two-Brain Business that year and started working with a mentor in 2018. With Two-Brain’s guidance, Karen and Shaun replaced every coach and essentially started from scratch. They lost members as they righted the ship, but they stuck to the plan.

“We took actions outlined for us, followed the guidance of our mentor and have seen monumental progress in our business as a result,” Karen said.

Now, Telos boasts an average revenue per member score of about $300, and the gym has systems for everything. The business went from a 3.9 percent profit margin in 2018 to 26.7 percent in 2021, and revenue grew by 36 percent. Karen, a former math teacher, now works as a CEO and coaches only a few select clients who bring her joy. Telos regularly wins awards for top gyms and personal trainers in Tucson.

Karen has her vision for the gym clearly laid out, and it guides her and Shaun as they work to help people get stronger and healthier so they can live their very best lives outside the gym.

Now free to choose the work she does, Karen has joined the Two-Brain mentorship team, bringing a mix of genuine care and accountability. She specializes in systems, playbooks, metrics, building personal training programs and running a business as a parent.

“In this next chapter of my life, I am excited about the opportunity to be a part of the exceptional mentoring team at Two-Brain Business and continue my love of teaching and coaching,” she said.

Karen was a Division 1 tennis player in college and holds a bachelor of science degree (math). She’s mother to a son and a daughter, and she enjoys running, hiking and traveling.

“As a mentor, I will strive to help my clients see the same—and better—success as I have seen in my time with Two-Brain, and I will be there with understanding and support for them every step of the way.”

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