Josh Grenell

When the COVID crisis hit gym owners hard in 2020, Josh Grenell knew he needed to do something. So he became a Two-Brain Business specialty mentor.


“I came on during incredibly hard times for gym owners,” he said. “I wanted to help.”

Grenell had founded Progression Fitness in Rochester, Minnesota, in 2009, and he joined the Two-Brain family after attending the Two-Brain Summit in 2018. He initially jumped on board for the marketing program but soon discovered Two-Brain had more to offer. 

Though he’d been a business owner for a long time, he still spent long hours working in the business, not on it. As a result, the gym needed him there every day to be successful. Two-Brain, he said, “helped me put in place the last things I needed to have a real business that was not 100 percent dependent on my presence.”

With the help of his mentor, he set standard operating procedures and wrote a staff playbook.

“Having the systems written down gave me the confidence to hand it off,” he said.

Because Progression Fitness now runs itself without Josh’s constant oversight, he had the time to open another business—Regent Fitness, which he purchased and rebranded in early 2020.

Now, Josh is using his experience to help other gym owners find success, providing support that is “not only data driven but also backed up by someone who truly cares.”

Josh specializes in gym sales, employee retention, membership growth and online coaching—a rare and valuable skill during the post-COVID era.

“Many gym owners have all their experience in the gym,” he explained, “and when they treat their online clients like gym clients, they struggle to keep them. I help them learn how online clients are different and how to keep them engaged and get them results.”

When he’s not working with clients, you can find Josh volunteering for the Wallace the Pit Bull Foundation or biking and hiking in the outdoors. He’s also a managing partner of Optimal Rx LLC, a company specializing in functional beverages.

“My mission is to give good advice that is actionable and accurate.”

“I came on during incredibly hard times for gym owners,” he said. “I wanted to help.”

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