A portrait headshot of Two-Brain mentor James Mawson.


James Mawson

In just a year of mentorship, James tripled his monthly revenue. Now he’s using his skills, experience and expertise to help other owners succeed.


A gym owner of 10 years, James continues to live his passion for helping people change their lives. He’s an owner of multiple gyms in Australia, where he lives with his wife and three young children.

James’s vision for his own business is to help everyday people achieve extraordinary results through education on exercise, nutrition and life development. He constantly reminds the staff of his three businesses of the “three L’s” he believes are fundamental to a successful gym: Always make sure the customer laughs, learns and leaves with a smile.

Over the last decade, James has owned multiple gyms and even made the hard decision to close a gym. He believes that experience has given him an advantage when helping other gym owners avoid mistakes.

When looking back, James considers himself the typical struggling gym owner before joining Two-Brain: He worked 60-plus hours per week, made no money and did every job. He even remembers times he had to sleep at the gym during shifts.

After following Two-Brain content for years, James signed up for Two-Brain Business mentoring in 2019 and tripled his monthly revenue within the first year. Through mentorship, James acquired the tools and the support he needed to transform a job he was starting to hate into a business that’s now supporting him and his family.

Prior to owning and running gyms, James spent 15 years learning the craft of sales, working for international companies as a top-level representative in charge of various sales groups and accounts. He has applied this knowledge and the skills from that time to become the best mentor he can be.

When James is not busy choosing to spend time working on his business or helping others grow their gyms, he’s busy traveling with his family and living his perfect day.

“Success is not the key to happiness. Happiness is the key to success. If you love what you are doing, you will be successful.” - Albert Schweitzer

the definition of insanity is

Trying the Same Thing Over and Over Again
And Expecting Different Results

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