Brian Zimmerman

Brian Zimmerman is a husband, father and Brewers fan. He’s also a successful entrepreneur of nearly a decade whose business has been profitable every month since inception.

Brian opened Jungle Gym Fitness LLC in June 2011, training just a few in-home personal-training clients and running a once-a-week boot camp in a local park. The program enjoyed steady growth from the start, and by 2013—after a year of implementing the lessons taught in Chris Cooper’s book “Two-Brain Business”—had multiplied its profit by 10.

“I heard about Two-Brain when, in our humble beginnings around June 2012, we made a portable pull-up rig,” Brian said. “It got shared on the CrossFit.com affiliate page, and some guy, Chris Cooper, asked for design details. In exchange, he sent me his book, ‘Two-Brain Business.’ I took all the free advice I could get from Chris, his book and the content he was sharing.”

Brian had been paying himself a steady income from CrossFit Jungle Gym since 2013, but as he and wife Vanessa prepared for the arrival of their first child in 2017, they decided to take things up a notch and begin mentorship with Two-Brain. The business had always been successful; now, it’s thriving.

“After starting, we took a giant leap in business, and we’ve absolutely crushed it since—more than doubling our profit, getting my wife out of the corporate world and creating Perfect Days for our employees and clients,” Brian continued.

Now, as a Two-Brain mentor, Brian wants to help other entrepreneurs do what he did.

“My mission as a mentor is to help other business owners achieve wealth (and) freedom of time and create the business they’ve always dreamed of,” he said.

In addition to the firsthand entrepreneurial experience he brings to the table, Brian specializes in helping entrepreneurs create, analyze and scale systems to deliver amazing client experiences. He holds a bachelor of science and education with a focus on human health and performance, as well as a minor in coaching.

“Success is not the key to happiness. Happiness is the key to success. If you love what you are doing, you will be successful.” - Albert Schweitzer

the definition of insanity is

Trying the Same Thing Over and Over Again
And Expecting Different Results

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